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ForexStrategy is on the forex market with the main goal to offer the customers signals in real time sent by a couple of different ways to guaranty to all that they will receive the signals for live trading. The main goal for ForexStrategy is to be able to send real time trading signals to all our subscribers. However we cannot guarantee timely signals if you use e-mail only. But we can guarantee that by using mobile, email, or Yahoo/MSN messengers you will receive our signals within no more than 20 seconds delay. We guarantee that all customers will receive all messages all the time, as we use two different Internet providers. For software and network problems we guarantee up to maximum of 12 hours per month. We send only signals, and the final trading decision is up to the individual customer. We will not be liable for any trading loss due to missed signals or bad judgment. We keep the right to cancel any subscription in case of re-sending our signal without our written permission or damages caused to FS Team.

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