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Does ForexStrategy trading cover all trading sessions?

Our service is 24 hours a day, as all our Platinum and Gold signals covered European, American and Asian sessions.

If I subscribe on 10th October for 1-month when I will start with the service and for how long?

If you subscribe today on 10th October you will start with the service on 11th October and the subscription will expired on 11th November. If you pay via bank wire the start will delay with 48 hours.

How I will receive ForexStrategy signals using Yahoo messenger or ICQ?

You will receive the ForexStrategy signals like a real time chat via Yahoo messenger or ICQ.

Could you ask for other positions that I am open for advice?

Yes of course. You could ask as always for your individual and for our positions too.

I have not free time. How could I trade with you?

You could trade with us, as we will deliver our messages to your home e-mail and your office e-mail too. Also we could deliver our messages to your mobile when you are away of your computers and to trade with your mobile or PDA.

I want to put orders and forget about the trading?

Yes, we send twice a day signals for all currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF) with exact entry level stop losses and take profit levels. The messages come at time 7:30 AM CET (1:30 AM EST) and 6:00 PM CET (11:00 AM EST). The signals are valid to the next update. The entry moment come in these about 12 hours and you could put the orders even few hours after our signals.

Does ForexStrategy signals include Stop Losses?

Yes our signals always include Stop Losses, Take Profit and the exact entry level.

What Stop Losses use ForexStrategy?

We use average 18-24 pips Stop Losses, and maximal Stop Losses 35 pips.

How could I subscribe?

You could subscribe as go to: Send the fee by one of the 4 difference ways; Bank wire, Western Union, Money Gram or with Credit Card. Write to us e-mail where you want to receive our service, your e-mail, Yahoo ID, ICQ number or your mobile. In the next 12 hours after the payment you will start with the service.

How much money do I need to trade your signals?

3 lots need you at least, so for mini account it means at least $300.

How long continues the Online Forex Education?

The Online Forex Education course continues 2 weeks. During that time we send to you our lessons and make for you individual analyses over the market.

If the answers of your questions are not here, contact with us via




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