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Predicting where a currency is headed is an essential part of Forex trading. There are many tools you can use to gain this information, but all of them by themselves are extremely limited. In order to get the best results, mixing up a few different indicators will be in your best interest. There are three major types of trading analysis: fundamental, technical, and sentimental.

Technical analysis relies upon charts, for the most part. By looking at the charts of prices and adding different indicators onto the chart, you can get a better feel for patterns that might be there or are just starting to emerge.

Fundamental analysis relies more on economic data from the countries of the involved currency. This can include reports on gross domestic product, interest rates from national banks, or even the stock markets. Fundamental analysis is mandatory for longer term trades, but also plays a large role in short term trades as well.

Sentimental analysis is basically "trading the news." When a country has an announcement, knowing whether or not that announcement will affect the price of its currency is a key part of trading successfully. These announcements happen almost every day for one currency or another. Staying on top of them can be tough, so it's best if you focus on only two or three currencies and forget the rest. Many sites offer schedules of when these announcements or press releases come out so you can more efficiently stay on top of the news.

There's a big difference between short term and long term trading, especially in the currency trading world. Short term traders will necessarily look at slightly different indicators than long term traders will use. Short term traders, for example, do not need to pay as much attention to the overall market trends. Even if a currency is moving upward in price, they can still effectively sell off that currency for the short term and still make money.

Long term traders need to rely more heavily on the overall trends in price. This means that they need to have a clear picture in their head of just where prices are going to go in the future. Whereas short term traders can look quickly at a price chart, match it up to an ongoing trend and execute their trade, long term traders need to look at more pieces of information. Prices can be unpredictable at times, so having several tools to use here will be best.

For both short term and long term trades, it is best to use a combination of two or even three of the basic types of analysis. Looking at a price chart to see the patterns that have emerged plus looking at what the most recent news feeds are saying about a currency-and using them in conjunction with each other-will yield better results than either one of these methods would on their own. Think about it this way, if two sources are telling you that a trade is a good idea, this is more powerful than having just one source on your side.

When you are trading Forex binary options, you will mostly be reliant upon short term indicators, but having the knowledge of both will be beneficial to you. This is because binary options usually should be traded within a prevalent trend. Using one of the better Binary Options Brokers will help you make better decisions as well. If you are going to trade binary options, having a good forecasting system is essential and it should take into account both long term and short term factors, with a proven mixture of the three types of analysis incorporated. Forex binary options are very beatable, and with a good forecasting method you can make big profits in a short period of time.

Forex forecasting is tough, but you can be successful at it with practice. Having a good knowledge of the three basic types of analysis will work, but you must always be trying to improve your trading as this is a quickly evolving market.








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