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Russia cut U.S.Treasury securities with 50% as it never happens in the past
Category: Forex News
Posted by on June 18, 2018 at 12:41 AM
Step by step the dominant of the Dollar is close to end. Russia who own $95 billion of U.S. Treasury securities cut it to $48 billion in April 2018. The cut is almost 50% and if China follows Russia the pressure over the Dollar will raise dramatically.
Trade war that already started between United States and rest world is a fact. The number of countries connected with the trade war raise every day. The most affected countries are China, Germany, Canada, India, Euro Zone and others. These countries are backing off.
In a short-term the Dollar will gain but in long-term the effect over the Dollar may become negative. trading strategy is to hold short EURUSD positions in a short-term period.

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