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Dow Jones target is reached. The new target will come shortly
Category: Stock Market
Posted by on April 11, 2020 at 02:21 PM
The first part of our forecast since March 26th is a fact. Then we predicted that Dow Jones will reach level of 24000 in a short time. The current forecast continue like the same as before - expects to see Dow Jones at levels below 18000 in the next few months.
It may pass full month or even two months in almost neutral trading between 22000 and 24500 when we will see new down movement to 18000 and even below this level.
In United States are the very late protections against Covid-19 are the reason. The total infected in USA will jump to over 3 million and many new sectors will collapse. The Unemployment may jump to 18%.
You can compare how restricted are the plane flies in Europe and United States. The end of pandemia in United States is too far away.
Therefore World-Signals strategy for Dow Jones is short, short and short.

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