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U.S. Home Sales fall 7.6%
Category: Forex News
Posted by on December 23, 2008 at 01:38 PM
The New Home Sales and Existing Home Sales continue to fall. The latest report today show drop of 7.6%, the biggest decline since January 1989. The New Home Sales for November down to 407K by 419K for prior month. The Existing Home Sales continue drop to 4.49M by 4.91M. The bottom is still not reached said Peter Mill forex expert in We probably will see the level of New Home Sales below 300K in 2009 while Existing Home Sales may drop below 3.5 millions. Currently the average price of New Home Sales drop to $220,400, while Existing Home Sales price down to $181,300. The housing sector crisis will deeper in 2009 based on the rising unemployment and the total panic by the world financial crisis.

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