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Welcome to Forex Strategy Team  

It is time for presents. We present to all to save more with our special promotions. You receive - 20% discount of our service prices.

Summer FS Team Promotion

Promotion Packages
Standard Price
Promotion Price
Free 1-Month Platinum Service + 100% bonus on your deposit with Market Options! Click to register.
EUR 120 + Deposit
3-Months Platinum Service +1-Month Extra Time


EUR 460


EUR 340

3-Months Gold Service + 1-Month Extra Time
EUR 200
EUR 140
12-Months Platinum Service Promotion
EUR 1100
EUR 870
12-Months Titanium Service Promotion
EUR 890
EUR 690
Online Forex Education + 2-Months Platinum Service Free
EUR 710
EUR 470

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FS Team offers you to register to one of the following services by our special "Summer FS Team Promotion":

Follow the link above and register with Market Options. Fund your account we will double your deposit and provide you with a free 1-Month Platinum Service.

Register for 3-Months Platinum service with a extra bonus of 1-month.

Register for 3-Months Platinum service with extra 1-month time.

Register for 12-Months Platinum service with a special discount now.

Register for 12-Months Titanium service with a special discount now.

Start to learn how we in ForexStragegy Team generate our signals. Learn what trading methods we are using and how we combine the technical with the fundamental analysis together. And that is not all; FS Team offers to register for Online Forex Education and get 2-Months Platinum Service Free.

You will register for the standard price, but you will pay as the promotion price.

The current promotion is valid to September 15th 2014. Pay now starts tomorrow to September 15th 2014 only. Use our special promotion packages only now.

You could get the special consultancy packages include analyses for individual positions, mid-term and long-term individual forecasts and signals. The consultancy packages include all Platinum service signals too. For more details contact with us:




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