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Welcome to Forex Strategy Team  

How to use ForexStrategy Signals

The subject contents real time signals is "FS - Signal"


11:23 AM EST Buy USD/JPY now 108.44 SL 108.23 TP 109.15.

You will receive message in real time via e-mail, yahoo messenger, ICQ or mobile with the exact time when we are preparing the signal "11:23 AM EST". Also in the message we include the word "now" always when we send real time signals. The signals message content the entry levels that is the moment currency level 108.44 in this case. This is the "ask" price using 3 pips spread. The market price could change when you receive the message not more than 2-3 pips. So you will entry at the same price where we entry the market. All signals consist Stop Losses (SL) level and Take Profit (TP) level. Our maximal stop losses do not exceeding 35 pips. We use average 18-24 pips stop losses.

Abbreviation using in the messages:

SL - Stop Losses

TP - Take Profit

BoJ - Bank of Japan

ECB - European Central Bank

Time Zones

CET - Central European Time - Berlin - Paris - Wien

EST - East Standard Time - New York

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