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Welcome to Forex Strategy Team  

What the clients say about us (Testimonials)

Trading with ForexStrategy Team in Real Time means trading with the most read forex forecast in the world. Our free forex forecast public every day on:
are the top reading forecast by thousands of trades every day all over the world. We have customers from New Zealand to Alaska. See below what they say about us:

(*) Great call on the Euro/Usd last night-I am impressed.
B. Buckley, USA

(*) my name is brian. i've had your service for 2 months and really enjoyed your service.
Brian, USA

(*) Thank you, I want really to say that you are professional.
A. Hanna, UAE

(*) Dear Sir,
Thank you for your reply I really appreciated. and I like your trading strategies which are sticks to the points. I joined your system only last week but I realized from your trading that you are an excellent trader.
Keep up the good works and looking forward for good profits over the next weeks.
M. Al Shamsi, UAE

(*) Hi, Thank you very much for your great signals. Your signals are very good for a excellent equity management.
Kind regards,
Manfred, RSA

(*) I really appreciate your signals.Thanks
Kyle, USA

(*) That is fine, I realize technology can break down at times. Good call on the USD/CHF because the market was pretty volatile all week.
R. Woodie, USA

(*) Hi Guys! Been making money on your signals and I appreciate the service! Thanks alot,
David, USA

(*) Thanks so much Sir. I just LOVE your service!! My fx account has never been doing better. I will be with you for a long time to come. Thanks for all you do for us traders.
Bernadette, USA

(*) Dear Sir,
I have been trying your service for several days now, and I am very impressed with it. The signals are mostly all winners and very easy to use...I have been on the forex trading live for a year now and until I used your service i was averaging A?A?A?10 pips per day... With your signals I more than triple, even quadruple this amount...
So, next week I am going to order your course to know your secret...
Guillaume, Canada

(*) Hello, Thank you for the recommendations this last week. I made some good money with your trades, so thank you very much! Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
J. Lowrance California

(*) Hi,
I learned alot from your course & made $$$ on my first 2 weeks of Platinum.
Thank you!!
Barbara, USVI

(*) Dear Team
This has been my first week with Forex Strategy and I must say that I have really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to next week, it really helps to have a second set of eyes looking at the market. I had a positive week. Keep up the good work. Thanks
T. Harris, USA

(*) I know Forex-Strategy is a guru of finance his reputation is
T. Benhabiles, Florida

(*) I have been trying your service for the last week. Your analysis has been GREAT so far. I just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions in such a timely manner.
Thank You.
P. Hoffmann, USA

(*) Mr Nesh,
I want congratulate you and your team for your work, really is excellent.
Have a good day, and thank you again.
Best regards.
Ing, R. Portugau, Uruguay

(*) Thanks and good job to everyone there who had a hand in this weeks trading signals, this week netted 232 pips.
D. Parsons, USA

(*) Hi Sir, My name is Greg Pacyna. I join your service few days ago. First of all I just want to let you know that I very impressed with service, which you guys provide. Daily updates and signals are Great !!!! :)).
G. Pacyna, USA

(*) Dear Mr. Nesh, You were so right when you said that EUR/USD will rally to 1.3262 today, because it did rally to 1.3163 just now. Thank you for your sharp and excellent prediction.
Kind Regards,
Mohamed, Malaysia

(*) Thanks for a great two first months! I will be sending another month's subscription this evening.
A. Morozova, USA

(*) Hi Sir:
This is to inform you that today I was subscribed in the 1month platinum service. The past 7 days trial were great.
Ivette G., Puerto Rico

Thank for your help.
I have to said congratulate, your work is very good, keep always in that way.
Thank a lot and best regards.
Ing, R. Portugau, Uruguay

(*) David
I love your alerts, I finally found a system that works, maybe I can make enough money to make up for all those others. Keep up the good work, you have a life time customer.
Thanks again
Billy F., USA

(*) We hope we can continue this FX business together through success.
I just compare the other signals but you.....ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!
A. Danubrata, Indonesia

(*) Thank you for the info - I thought that was it but wanted to be sure. And just so you know -- I think you guys ROCK!!! I am trying to be available for your signals and follow them as you say - I have gained well over the last few days.
J. Anderson, USA

(*) hello sir how ru doing euro did cross 1.3 as u said long b4congratulations..ur forecasts were very accurate sir
B. Haggert, India

(*) Dear David,
I have been a memeber of FS since 22nd Oct 2004 and I just wanted to thank you for your daily advice. I just wanted to let you know that so far I made USD 27,333/ on a capital of USD 30,000/=. I hope you are going to pass this to others. My strategy is to play on one major pair all the time.
Thank You
K. Abdalla
United Arab Emirates

(*) Good afternoon Sir
Thanks for your reply. For now I must say the returns from your system are excellent.
Incidentally, IG Markets have just introduced a"Buy/Sell on Stop/Limit" system, which also allows input of stoploss & target levels. It is very user-friendly and you may wish to recommend it to your other clients
Once again thanks and regards,
B. Jacobson, Australia

(*) Good Day to you and your Group,
Thank you very much for your EXCELLENT signals!
As I have only just managed to finalise my "live" account I ran your signals in the Demo Account which I was playing (with FXCM) and showed a US$7000 profit overnight using 500 bets on each of your signals.
Must compliment you on your accuracy!
Looking forward to trading live from Monday,
most sincerely,
Ian Mitchell, Australia

(*) Good Morning,
My 1 week platinum subscription is running out. I am very much pleased with your signal service and the performance of the signals!! I am in the process of moving to another state about 1500 KM away. I plan to subscribe as soon as I am settled in my new home. I hope it will take no more than 2 weeks to get moved.
J. McGinn, USA

(*) OK thank you for the quick response. I'm very impressed with your results. Yesterday almost 400 pips profit on 2 lots. WOW.
Chad, USA

(*) dear sir i love your service, you are very honorable and committed individual all respect to you keep up the excellent work. I hope you will go on forever.
regards A.malik
Your service is the best and most excellent. please tell everyone I said this.
Regards Live long and proper
A. Malik, UK

(*) Many thanks, its a great service.
Best regards,
Ramin, UK

(*) Dear Forex-Strategy Team,
Thank you for your last Email dated 7th March `04. I have today at about noon London time-1PM CET-sent an urgent bank wire for renewal of your very good Platinum service. It should reach you in the next day or two. Thank you for your very good services.
Kindest regards,
Tony Albertini, UK

(*) Dear Sir!
You are Great Trader! And your team is the best. Thank you for your service.
M. Kashtanov, Russia

(*) good day sir, i used eur/usd, gbp/usd and the usd/chf, made 70pips on the chf, 260pips on gbp and about 150 pips on euro. I am very glad i joined up, 120% profit in 1 week aint too bad huh. gettinn tired, thank u and good night!
Wil, Australia

(*) Hello Sir,
I started subscibing to your platinum service on 27/02/04. I just wanted to compliment you on excellent currency analysis. I look forward to continuing my subscription indefinately.
Thank you and regards
Mark Plummer, Australia

(*) Hi Sir
Congratulations with the excellent trades of yesterday. I have received my first email from you. Unfortunately I was away from my computer, otherwise I would have made my first positive deals with you. I will watch my email with a Hawkeye. I am excited as a kid with a new toy!
Yours sincerely
Reynier Liebenberg, RSA

(*) Thank you Sir, my first day trading with your alerts was great.
Stephen Morrison, Australia

(*) Hi Mr. Nesh, In fact I also did not catch the level of 1.8386 that you called us to sell there, but I desided to take the trade anyway and I entered the trade at 1.8370. Thank you for this fantastic service, keep up the good work.
Murad, Israel

(*) I like that when you keep us inform of what you see in the market and what is your plan, keep up the good work... thx
Max, Canada

(*) Dear David Nesh,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the signals that really work! Your service is truly amazing!
Thank you.
God Bless,
Jung Na,

(*) Dear Tony,
I am a student in Forex University. The lessons are absolutely amazing! I learn real secrets that I never see before. I start to make profit alone.
Ben Greenwood,

(*) Hi Mr Nesh,
You have made quite a lot of good calls lately, particularly on the EUR-USD, USD-CHF, and USD-JPY.
Thank you

(*) David, very good calls today!! 313 pips for me.
W. de Milly

(*) I am in disbelief!... I now have no doubts about your service - it is truly incredible! Please do keep up the good work.
B. Kirby,

(*) Hello,
I am absolutely impressed of the innovation of your service. Thank you very much.
Ding Yu,

(*) Hi Mr. Nesh,
Congratulation super a I was in the CHF and in the Euro and the GBP and now got out.

(*) I really appreciate the way you take care of your clients. I am a small time trader, trading with very small amount. I was about broke. But since I have subscribed your services- I have recovered and making some profits also. Your Strategies-alerts are simply amazing. How do you do that? Of course, it must be your hard work and experience. The money you charges are really peanuts compared to the advantages. I really appreciate it.
My best regards to you and your colleagues.
R Hussain,
Saudi Arabia

(*) Nice EUR trade...well done!

(*) I am very satisfied with this service.
Thank you very much and best wishes in work.
Kind regards,
G. Djurovic,

(*) Dear David,
Well I really love your daily EUR/USD forecasts and analysis. So far from all your forecasts and analysis, my forex experience has been a great one. For an example, today alone I gain 118pips from your forecast on EUR/USD.
D. LaPoint,

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