Day Trading Service - For Day Traders

This is FS Team top service suitable for day traders and people who want to trade actively during the day. Day Trading service is the most profitable with fast earnings.


The trading is easy with signals to email, mobile email, ICQ, Twitter and Facebook

The Day Trading customers active learn how to generate own signals as at the same time make profit in a live trading.
Details: Average SL 28 pips, maximum SL 35 pips. Average TP 40, maximum 120.


FS Team will assist you to start in forex and win to make management of your trading strategy. We will help you to make a clear and profitable portfolio with very minimal risk in trading.

Money Management

Many traders lose their money in wrong money management.
We are here to help you not only in generating profitable signals,
we will help you in right money management.

Returning customers

FS Team customers usually renew their registration.
We have 86% returning customers in 2019.
That means customers like our services.


Online Education as you have never seen before. Learn in real time from the market.

Look at the chart - This is a typical move of the market based on fundamental factors as in this case comes positive news about coronavirus vaccine. You can learn to determine technical or fundamental movements of the markets. We do that in our online education course.

“We will teach you in real market conditions plus fundamentals based on our 23-years experience of forex trading.”

Todd Russell
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Testimonials from real customers of FS Team.

  • Hi Sir, My name is Greg Pacyna. I join your service few days ago. First of all I just want to let you know that I very impressed with service, which you guys provide. Daily updates and signals are Great !!!! :))

    G. Pacyna
  • Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply I really appreciated. and I like your trading strategies which are sticks to the points. I joined your system only last week but I realized from your trading that you are an excellent trader. Keep up the good works and looking forward for good profits over the next weeks. Sincerely,

    M. Al Shamsi
  • I love your alerts, I finally found a system that works, maybe I can make enough money to make up for all those others. Keep up the good work, you have a life time customer. Thanks again

    Billy F.

FS Team services today

  • Set and Forget

    Set and Forget Signals. If you are busy for active traing use our method of Set and Forget signals twice a day.

  • Day Trading

    Day Trading - Upgrade to Set and Forget Service with market signals for Day Traders. Instant messages to email, ICQ, Facebook and Twitter for live forex trading.

  • Long-Term

    Long-Term - Long-term signals for busy users who want to trade less but make higher incomes.

  • Education

    Education - Don't worry you will not learn the big books or watch video lessons. You will learn in real time from the market as at the same time trade our Day Trading signals.

Video lessons and video support.

You can learn from our free and private video support all secrets to generate the best and profitable signals.

The benefits of using FS Team services:


Live support

Live assistance to our and your own positions - you will receive help for all trades and problems


Signals to your messenger

Fast like a real chat - we delivery all signals to email, mobile email, ICQ, Facebook and Twitter

Currency pairs

4-major currency pairs

Get ready to trade the major currency pairs - EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF


The best trading signals

To generate our signals we always use technical and fundamental analysis. Both analyses give us the advantage of better signals.

TP and SL

Take Profit and Stop Losses

SL in one level. TP in one level only. Use SL no more than 35 pips for Day Trading and Set and Forget services. That makes low risk in trading.

Chart periods

What signals to expect?

We always use different charts to generate signals from periods of 1-minute to 6-hours charts.

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You have not enough time to trade but want to make good profits.
Long-Term service is for you.
On average 2-6 signals per month you can make with long-term positions a wonderful profit.