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Feb 25

The Trading Strategy of EURUSD is to use long positions again

EURUSD to test the record levels since the beginning of January 2021 at 1.2349. The test of the highest level this year and at all since April 2018 is on the way to happen next week. 
Few hours earlier we saw very good economic news for the United States but nevertheless these news did not support the Dollar. The positive report for Durable Goods orders from 1.2% to 3.4% was not accepted by the investors and even the good decline of Initial Jobless Claims to 730K from 841K. 

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Feb 16

The Dollar recovery may continue a couple of hours ahead

EURUSD hit the top of 1.2169 as this level was a signal for the selling process. The Dollar recovered from the high of 1.2169 a level reached on January 26th 2021. The recovery is already generated of 70 pips. The tendency for continued recovery remains for the next couple of hours.
The fundamental focus comes for tomorrow the key data for the U.S. Retail Sales and FOMC Minutes. The investors predict a positive Retail Sales report that is already generated by the market. 

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Feb 11

Trading Strategy for EURUSD ahead of U.S. Holiday on Monday

There remains little more than 24-hours to complete this week's trading. EURUSD in this second week of February is currently trading at about +90 pips from the start of the week. The lossing process of the Dollar continues.

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Feb 08

EURUSD levels below 1.20 are good for long positions

The new business week started sluggish in the first part of Monday. There is not a clear direction and as overall the trading EURUSD is into neutral direction. The trading level (EURUSD) below 1.20 is a very good entry for many investors to buy Euros.

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Feb 01

EURUSD is in the process of consolidation

The Dollar has no power and potential to recover after the losses against the Euro in the last few months. EURUSD was trading in the range of 1.17-1.18 in September-October 2020. 

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Jan 26

USDCHF - Trading idea for the next few days

The Swiss Franc remains one of the most strong currencies. The Franc is currently trading at USDCHF 0.8878. To get the best trading performance, open a short position and expect your profit till the end of the week. The expected trading level by for profit is at the range of 0.8780 - 0.8805. 

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Jan 18

Political events will move the market as Inauguration on Wednesday

This flat market today Monday January 18th (U.S. Holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day) will not be the same on January 20th when is Inauguration Day in Washington. What will follow on this day we can see but the markets may boom in very unexpected events. 

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Welcome to FS Team new web design

FS Team (Forex-Strategy Team) new web design is ready. Enjoy the new web site and our great services.

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