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Set and Forget Service

Twice a day signals for Set&Forget customers. All these signals are by the method "Set and Forget". These signals are executed as pending orders (buy limit, sell limit).

Twice-daily signals at:
1:30 AM ET (7:30 AM CET)*
10:00 AM ET (4:00 PM CET)

All you need is 2 minutes to set your trading orders. Our signals will work for you.
* Special for customers in North and South America we provide them signals at 16:00 ET (22:00 CET). This time of service is available on request.
ET - Eastern Time New York
CET - Central European Time Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris

There are between 3 and 8 set and forget signals per day.

Example of Set&Forget signals:

Set and Forget signals valid till the next update:
Buy at 1.2142 SL 1.2109 TP 1.2197.

Close the open position: Buy at 103.88 SL 103.59 TP 104.09.

Buy at 1.3423 SL 1.3391 TP 1.3470.


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Set&Forget Service