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FS Team

If you need to get in touch with us please e-mail to:


CEO of FS Team & Forex News Agency (general questions and information) - Todd Russell -

FS Team Customer Support (technical support) - David Nesh

FS Team Fundamental Analysis - Victor Ivanov -

Technical Analysis - Todd Russell -

Education Center Head - Tony Martins -

Web support and Link Manager - Michael Lindner

We will e-mail you our phone number and contact info if needed. Before calling please e-mail us your questions first - which would help us understand your requests or needs better and will save us time.

Forex News Agency

With years of experience Forex News Agency is the time news leader for the top Forex events, Forex analysis and commentaries. Forex News Agency is a brand new agency to support the worldwide forex traders with the most actual rumors, events and ideas of the traders on the trading floor.

For general questions about Forex News Agency -

The Forex News Agency Team:

Team manager: Tanya Harris, Steve Williams and Angel Kolev

To be a part of our team just contact us at

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