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Our signals work for you!

We have two ways for trading for our Platinum clients. They could trade with our Real Time Signals 24 hours a day, plus with our twice a day signals for all currency pairs. Using the twice-daily signals you could set the trading signals and wait for results. Once you place your orders you are free to look after your other business. It is not necessary to be in front your computer the whole day. Our signals work for you! You will receive the Real Time signals plus many updates, analyses, breaking news 24 hours a day, plus the twice-daily signals at:

1:30 AM EST (7:30 AM CET)

10:00 AM EST (4:00 PM CET)

All you need is 5 minutes to set your trading orders. Our signals will work for you.

All messages our Platinum clients receive via e-mail, mobile, Yahoo messenger and ICQ. All platinum clients could use two e-mails even to receive our messages (home e-mail and office e-mail).

It has never been easier to receive trading signals and to trade with our professional trading forecasts.

We work with the currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. When you become our client we will send you a confirmation e-mail to welcome you as a member of our trading signals system and we will start sending you all trading signals for the four currency pairs.

Example of our trading signals for Platinum clients

* Place SL for USD/CHF at entry level 1.2576. TP is same at 1.2539.

* 5:16 PM CET
Sell USD/CHF now 1.2576 SL 1.2599 TP 1.2539

* The currently support/resistance are:

EUR/USD 1.2275 / 1.2345 - 1.2440 / 1.2475
USD/JPY 107.30 / 107.45 - 108.35 / 108.80
GBP/USD 1.7585 / 1.7620 - 1.7685 / 1.7730
USD/CHF 1.2470 / 1.2505 - 1.2595 / 1.2655

Trend: Upward
Buy 107.46 SL 107.30 TP 108.24.

* Close GBP/USD now at TP at 1.7725.

* 1:00 PM CET
Buy GBP/USD now 1.7676 SL 1.7652 TP 1.7725

* Close EUR/USD now at 1.2412. The first target is too long. Close with the current profit.

* 0:18 AM CET
Buy EUR/USD now 1.2344 SL 1.2319 TP 1.2435.

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Good Luck!



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