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Become a professional forex trader

Learn the forex market and start to make real money from your home. The most dynamic and interesting game in the world is the forex market. You could double your money for minutes! You can make much more profits than in any other business in the world. The richest people are on the forex market. The benefits of the forex trading are many. But to use all benefits and to realize profit you have to be a good trader. The experience is the most important to study the market. As a rule at least 5 years forex experience is needed to become a professional trader. Only 5 % of all starting with the forex could achieve this 5 years time! The reasons are numerous, but the most important ones are that the traders do not use the main rules correctly on the market and that during the practice they lose all invested money. To not lose you have to study the market to know how to trade. As a member of online Forex-University you will learn everything necessary to trade professionally on the forex market. You will receive this basic acknowledgement that you will never read the same secrets of the successful trading.

The Online Forex University lessons will teach you the following key elements for the successful trading.

1. How to predict every movement on the forex market.

2. To choose the best entry and exit levels.

3. To use the most accurate stop losses for all positions.

4. The best way to manage your money.

5. To make the highest and constant profit.

6. To make professional analyses of the market movements and your own forecasts.

7. To understand the base of the market movements.

8. To learn how to make money by the easiest way in the world.

Use our online forex lessons and start making sure profits. Use the 8 different ways to trade and learn which way to use in any moment. These eight different ways to trade are the best professional trading strategy. If you know which way to use you will make profit after profit.

The Benefits to trade on the Forex Market

- Work from home.

- Work in the most dynamic world market.

- The income of the traders could be unlimited.

- Work when you have free time.

- Be your own boss.

- Trade with the richest people in the world.

- Play the most interesting game in the world.

Online Forex University Content:

Lesson 1
What is Forex
Lesson 2
Options to Start Trading and Rules
Lesson 3
The Benefits Using Candlestick Charts
Lesson 4
The Main Forex Reasons for Trading
Lesson 5
Technical Analysis -1
Lesson 6
Technical Analysis -2
Lesson 7
Fundamental Analysis
Lesson 8
Economic Indicators
Lesson 9
Geopolitical Analysis
Lesson 10
Difference ways to Trade I
Lesson 11
Difference ways to Trade II
Lesson 12
Difference ways to Trade III
Lesson 13
Difference ways to Trade IV
Lesson 14
The Most Winning Time Strategy
Lesson 15
Trading Secrets
Lesson 16
Investing Plan - Risk Management - Margins

Lesson 1 - What is forex

The first lesson explains what is forex, how to access the forex market, the main terms and the base knowledge needed for using the forex.

Lesson 2 - Options to Start Trading and Rules

In this lesson we help you to find the best brokerage company for trading with your own specific requirements. It is present for all successful trading, also how to adjust to the trading habits and to configure the trading technical elements and the complete and follow all trading rules.

Lesson 3 - The Benefits Using Candlestick Charts

The candlesticks are the main element for the success. We will teach you how to use the candlesticks and to make profit watching the charts.

Lesson 4 - The Main Forex Reasons for Trading

In this lesson we talk about the three main reasons for moving the forex market. The Technical reason, based over the technical indicators, the Fundamental reasons based o n real economic data and the Geopolitical reasons, based o n the people's interest, world events moving the market and interventions.

Lesson 5 - Technical Analysis -1

In this lesson we teach you how to use the technical indicators ADX, MACD and Stochastic Oscillator.

Lesson 6 - Technical Analysis -2

In this lesson we teach you to use the technical indicators RSI, Moving Average and Support/Resistance levels.

Lesson 7 - Fundamental Analysis

In this lesson we will teach you how to use the fundamental factors, what to do before, during and after the news is released. It is very important lesson that you will learn about the base of the market movements.

Lesson 8 - Economic Indicators

To know everything about all economic data, what the data indicates, is it important, when the data comes, how to use it on the market and how to trade it. Also you will learn what are the key levels of the data and how to predict the market using this economic data.

Lesson 9 - Geopolitical Analysis

In this lesson we will teach you how the world news react over the forex trading. It explains how to use the speeches of different people like presidents, finance ministers, bank chiefs and others in order to make profit from it. Also we will teach you how to use the interventions, when to expect interventions and how to benefit from that.

Lesson 10,11,12,13 - Different ways to Trade I

In these four lessons we will teach you how to trade on the market using different strategies and how to choose which strategy to use for different period of trading. Here you will learn the base of the trading. Do not miss these lessons!

Lesson 14 - The Most Winning Time Strategy

With lesson 14 you will learn the most winning strategy. When you learn these secrets of the trading and learn the strategy you will be able to predict every movement of the forex market.

Lesson 15 - Trading Secrets

The secrets of the forex market are the key element for the successful trading. Knowing these secrets you will trade without any losses!

Lesson 16 - Investing Plan - Risk Management - Margins

This is the last lesson, but one of the most important ones. You will learn how to manage your money, how to apply risk management, how to properly use different levels of margin and how to prepare your investing plan.


A conclusion of all lessons with the most important elements will help you to become a professional trader.

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